Exhibition Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 SeriesExhibition Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 Series
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Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 Series

Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 Series

PT Surya Sarana Dinamika in Indonesia Manufacturing Exhibition 2017 Series. The exhibition was held on 6 s.d. December 9, 2017. In this 28th year, this exhibition brings hundreds of International Manufacturing, Machinery, Equipment, Materials and Services. In this exhibition PT Surya Sarana Dinamika together with several companies manufacturers of industrial robots or mechanical components product products company.

Samick with its linear motion bearing products, its products are launched using product demos and video options that are displayed in each category that will help the visitors to understand the product.

THK with its Linear Motion (LM) guides and Splina Ball (Spline), Screw Bullet (Ball Screw), and Ball Ball (Link Ball) products in more detail to the exhibitors whether technically or not.

Universal Robots that produce collaborative robots for this repetition and precision production process feature an application of loading / unloading systems on CNC machines.

Autonics is a company that emphasizes services on the provision of sensors, controllers, motion devices, connectors and products. In this exhibition PT Surya Sarana Dinamika helps Autonics in explaining its products and promo that can be obtained by the visitors.

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Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 SeriesManufacturing Indonesia 2017 Series
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