Ground Power Units 270V Aircraft Ground Static ConverterGround Power Units 270V Aircraft Ground Static Converter
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270V Aircraft Ground Static Converter


◆ FPGA digital control, PWM-based control to achieve three-phase DC transform, high dynamic/static performance.
◆ Single power unit to achieve 90KW output, high reliability.
◆ Trailer-type, compact, light, high mobility.
◆ New 12-pulse rectifier technology, input current distortion <8.5%, input power factor > 0.96.
◆ High overload capacity to withstand 150% overload lasting for 5S.
◆ Operation recorder, easy maintenance.
◆ Large-screen LCD, simple GUI, easy operation.
◆ Operating temperature: -40- +60℃, protection class: IP55.
◆ High efficiency, compact, light, low noise, power density reaching the international advanced level.
◆ Complete protection, intelligent monitoring as well as protection record, safe and reliable operation.
◆ Compact, light, suitable for different installation. The fixed installation and trailer installation are used in various applications.
◆ Special specifications can be customized on demand: Strong technology for customer’s applications. Focus on customer satisfaction.
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