Safety Tester Desktop Safety Comprehensive tester AN9640A (F) / AN9640B (F)Safety Tester Desktop Safety Comprehensive tester AN9640A (F) / AN9640B (F)
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Desktop Safety Comprehensive tester AN9640A (F) / AN9640B (F)

Main features

* Fullfill Latest international standard: 500VA AC Hipot capacity(AC 5KV/100mA), short-circuit output current up to 200mA, Built-in optional leakage current test network MD card, meeting requirements of different industrial standards, Maximum test current of ground bond is up to 64A, optionalground bond resistance or voltagte test mode. Comply with CCC, IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS standard requirements.

*Up to 6 functions: AC Hipot, insulation resistance, Ground Bond, leakage current, runing power, low-voltage start, flexibly configured for different models.

* Intelligent operation: 15 groups of test memories, 7-step programming for each guoup, button start. External programmable power supply, auto-comfiguration of power voltage/frequency for the DUT(Device under test).

*Auto control: standard RS232, Optional RS485/GPIB/LAN interface, AN97 power supply interface, Remote interface, easily compose automation system.

* Infomation management: optional software (ESRS), realizing test process and data management, improving product quality and production management level.

*Simplified operation: LED backlit screen display, menu operation, Chinese/English, socket test fixture.
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