Safety Tester Three Phase Electrical Safety Comprehensive tester AN9651TH (F)Safety Tester Three Phase Electrical Safety Comprehensive tester AN9651TH (F)
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Three Phase Electrical Safety Comprehensive tester AN9651TH (F)

Product Detail

Sigle-phase/Up to 7 functions
Double load for paralleled testing, 7 functions in 1 electrical safety and properties’ test, double channel display together, electric ARC, load open-circuit and short-circuit test function.
Applicable to such small home appliances high-speed product lines.

Technical characteristics

◆ Compliant with GB4706.1-2005, IEC60335-1:2004, UL60335-1:2002, GB4943.1-2001, standard requirements.
◆ Three phase,single phase load compatible; Three phase rated load capacity 20kVA, can custom 60kVA.
◆ Seven functions into one device: ground bond, insulation resistance, AC hipot, DC hipot, leakage current, power test and low voltage start test.
◆ 15-group / 8-step test condition, intelligent judgment, auto compensation, auto protection;High speed test, the fastest speed can be 0.5s.
◆ Voltage ramp-up and ramp-down, discharge function;Dynamic and static leakage current, hipot test.
◆ Auto compensation, auto protection, auto memory, auto judgment, voice and light alarm.
◆ Serial communication, print, foot pedal interface, outer alarm light, PLC, network card interface.
◆ For safety test, the precision is 2%, for power test, the precision is 5%;For DUT, can support both grounding and suspending.
◆ Function preview, single screen setting, no need flip, simple operation.
◆ Support both 50Hz and 60Hz frequency, Chinese and English operation interface.
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