I/O Terminal Blocks ABS SeriesI/O Terminal Blocks ABS Series
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ABS Series

I/O Terminal Blocks

I/O terminal blocks are widely used to connect various devices in a industrial environments and accomplish ideal system configurations.

No jumper bars required due to built-in PCB common

Relay terminal block ABS Series provides optimal solution to drive various loads using PLC output signals.

This series supports 2 types of relays [TAKAMISAWA (Fujitsu) NYP / MATSUSHITA (Panasonic) PA], and is equipped with LED lamp used for checking operation status and cable break status.

Also, user convenience has been enhanced by allowing mounting on DIN rail or using screws.


- Suitable for operating various loads using PLC signals
- Easy to check operation status and cable break from LED display lamp
- Can be used with 2 types of relays (TAKAMISAWA (Fujitsu) NYP/MATSUSHITA (Panasonic) PA)
- Two-way ejector for relay replacement provided
- Easy relay replacement with relay removal lever (1-point relay terminal block)
- 2 mounting options (DIN rail or screw fix)
- Male & female interface allows easier expansion and compact mounting (1-point relay terminal block)
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