Pulse (Rate) Meters LR5N-B SeriesPulse (Rate) Meters LR5N-B Series
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LR5N-B Series


Controllers are widely used in industrial control systems to adjust or maintain desired outputs of specific processes within a desired range.

Autonics provides a diverse range of highly accurate and reliable controllers for ideal system control.

Pulse(Rate) Meters

Pulse (rate) meters are devices used to measure and display various rotational speeds and frequency of industrial devices.

DIN W48×H24mm, Indication only, LCD Pulse Meter(RPM,RPS,Hz)

Compact LCD pulse indicator LR5N-B Series is upgraded version of LR7N Series.

The series contributes to better user convenience by adopting 1 pulse input per rotation method and wide display range up to 10,000rpm.

Moreover, built-in battery allows no power supply and wiring works.

Rotator’s RPM and RPS display function in another feature of LR5N-N Series to increase user’s satisfaction.


- Upgraded version of LR7N series
- Easy of 1 pulse input method per 1 revolution
- Display up to 10000RPM
- No need power supply by internal battery
- Protection structure IP66(Front panel only)
- Displays RPM, RPS of rotator
- Displays AC line frequency
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