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ATS Series


Controllers are widely used in industrial control systems to adjust or maintain desired outputs of specific processes within a desired range.

Autonics provides a diverse range of highly accurate and reliable controllers for ideal system control.


Timers, digital and analog, are used widely in various industrial processes to control timing of devices or monitor life cycles of devices.

Miniature Analog Timers (W 21.5 x H 28 mm)

The ATM series miniature analog timers feature compact, space-saving design (W 21.5 x H 28 mm) with simple 14-pin plug-in sockets.

The ATM series is available in 11 different time ranges (0.1 sec to 3 hr) and various power supply options.

The timers feature 4PDT contact, quick reset time of 100 ms, and repeat accuracy of ±0.5% for highly accurate timing control.


- Wide power supply range: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 24-240VDC (universal), 24VAC 50/60Hz / 24VDC (universal), 12VDC
- Various output operations(6 operation modes)
- Multi time range (12 types of time range)
- Wide time setting range (0.1 sec to 30 hour)
- Close and DIN rail mounting with a dedicated socket (PS-M8) width 41mm
- Easy mounting and installation/maintenance with dedicated bracket for DIN 48×48mm
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