Signal Lights MS115M SeriesSignal Lights MS115M Series
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MS115M Series

Indicating Lights

This unit (Bulb / LED type) giving a signal is used for achieving a goal of production per hour as workers to follow normal working process in production line and for manager to realize processing error immediately.

LED Multi Color D115mm LED 3 Colors in 1 Signal Strobe Light

Strobe Light of High Brightness, Excellent Visibility from a Distance.
Improving Visibility by Employing Special Scattering Lens.


- 3 colors in 1 LED modular components
- Bright & even light distribution through prism-cut lenses
- Multi-functional LED signal light
- Flashing Cycles: 2 patterns (Selectable by a switch)
- Optional 100dB Buzzer (adjustable volume)
- IP65 rated
- Min10 ~Max 100dB at 1m RoHS compliant
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