Signal Lights MWE SeriesSignal Lights MWE Series
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MWE Series

Indicating Lights

This unit (Bulb / LED type) giving a signal is used for achieving a goal of production per hour as workers to follow normal working process in production line and for manager to realize processing error immediately.

D90mm Wall Mounting Semicircular Multicolored LED Signal Light (Single Lens)

MWE Series display natural and detail color of the LED Lighting. The diffusion and transmission ratio of the LED Lighting are very good regardless of angle.


- 3 Colors (Red , Green , Blue) / 4 Colors (Red , Yellow, Green, Blue)
- Large LED Light-emitting lens - Length : 93mm
- 40mm thick, slim product offers seamless integration with the equipments
- Optional built-in Buzzer
- IP65 (Buzzer type : IP52)
- Letters , Symbols and Company logos can be carved and attached to the Front lens using sheet
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