Tower Lights MP8 SeriesTower Lights MP8 Series
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MP8 Series

Indicating Lights

This unit (Bulb / LED type) giving a signal is used for achieving a goal of production per hour as workers to follow normal working process in production line and for manager to realize processing error immediately.

D86mm Large Plastic Body Type LED Steady / Flashing Tower Light

The unique prism-cut globe provides wide radiance, high intensity, bright color and higher quality than other equal type products.


- Menics Exclusive Hybrid Prism Cut Lens.
- Enhanced Illumination: Special high intensity illumination design.
- Installation: Base direct mount, Plastic Mount base
- Lens: Superior impact and heat resistant polycarbonate resin for superior durability and light transmission.
- Available Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear
- Mounting: Indoor Only
- This product complies with the RoHS Directive
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