Motion Controllers PMC-1HS/2HS SeriesMotion Controllers PMC-1HS/2HS Series
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PMC-1HS/2HS Series

Motion Controllers

Motion controllers are devices that generate pulse signals for precise and proper control of stepper motor drivers and stepper motors.

1,2 Axis high speed programmable motion controller

1,2 axis high speed programmable motion controller PMC-HS Series realizes high speed operation up to 4Mpps and various position controlling with 4 operation modes - Jog, Continuous, Index, and Program mode.

Moreover, diverse operation can be implemented using 12 commands of each axis.

Dedicated programming tool “PMC-HS I/O Program” also contributes to more efficient control.


- Max. 4Mpps high-speed operation
- 4 operation modes : Scan, Continuous, Index, Program
- 12 control command and 64 steps of operations
- Parallel I/O terminal built in which is connectable on PLC
- Operation program by exclusive switch, making and editing parameter
- Easy to operation of X, Y stage with joy stick
- RS232C port for all type
- Teaching and monitoring function by using teaching unit (PMC-2TU-232)
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