Stepper Motor Drivers MD5-HD14-2X/3X SeriesStepper Motor Drivers MD5-HD14-2X/3X Series
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MD5-HD14-2X/3X Series

Stepper motor drivers

Stepper motor drivers receive pulse signals from a controlling unit such as a motion controller and transmits electric currents to motors.

Multi-axis 5-phase Micro Stepper Motor Drivers

Multi-axis 5-phase micro step motor drivers MD5-HD14-2X/3X have various functions including auto current down and self diagnosis.

It realizes space/cost effective motor driver solution by running 2-axis/3-axis motor with single power input (20-35VDC).

It also has significantly improved noise and vibration performance at low speed running section.

Main Features

- Simultaneous operation of 2, 3-axis by single 20-35VDC.
- Small, light weight and advanced quality by custom IC and surface mounted circuit
- Realizing low noise, low vibration rotation with microstep-driving
- Low speed rotation and high accuracy controlling with microstepdriving
- Max. resolution - 250 division : In case of 5-phase stepper motor of which basic step angle is 0.72 , it enables to control up to 0.00288 per pulse and it requires 125,000 pulses per rotation.
- Includes auto current down and self-diagnosis function
- Photocoupler input insulation method to minimize the effects from external noise.


- Multi-axis Control for Water Feeding Robot
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