Stepper Motor Drivers MD5-HD14 SeriesStepper Motor Drivers MD5-HD14 Series
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MD5-HD14 Series

Stepper motor drivers

Stepper motor drivers receive pulse signals from a controlling unit such as a motion controller and transmits electric currents to motors.

5-Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver

The 5-phase stepper motor drivers MD5 Series from Autonics offer precise and accurate driving of motors with high speed and torque.

The MD5-HD14 Series stepper motor drivers feature microstep driving (max. 250 divisions), with RUN current setting up to 1.4A/Phase, and AC power control.


- High torque & high speed performance
- Bipolar constant-current pentagon driver method
- Includes auto current-down circuit and self-diagnosis function
- Max. 250 division 0.00288 of 0.72 basic step angle
- Photocoupler input insulation method
- Full & half step and micro step
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