Stepper Motors AK-B SeriesStepper Motors AK-B Series
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AK-B Series

Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are electric motors which rotate by converting electric current into equally divided steps of a full rotation.

60mm Brake built-in type 5 – Phase Stepper Motor

The shaft type 5-phase stepper motors AK Series, deliver reliable performance at low costs.

The motors will satisfy users looking for motors with high precision, speed, and torque.

The AK-B Series are 60mm and 85mm shaft type stepper motors with built-in brakes, providing more stable and safe user operation.


- Compact design and light weight with high accuracy, speed and torque
- Suitable for small-sized equipment applications
- Frame size 42mm/60mm/85mm built-in brake of shaft type for compact equipment (AK-B Series)
- Brake force is released (AK-B Series) when applying power on brake wire
- Cost-effective
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