Stepper Motors AK SeriesStepper Motors AK Series
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AK Series

Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are electric motors which rotate by converting electric current into equally divided steps of a full rotation.

Reliable & Economical : High Accuracy, High speed & High Torque

AK Series, shaft type 5-phase stepper motors, feature reliable performance and economic efficiency.

This series will satisfy those who are looking for powerful and accurate step motors.

User option in 42mm models has been widened with new line-up of 1.4A phase current models (A2K-M544 and A2K-M544W) added to existing line-up of 0.75A models.

Also, these new line-ups feature even higher torque at the same speed.


- Compact design and light weight with high accuracy, speed and torque
- Suitable for small-sized equipment applications
- Frame size 42mm/60mm/85mm built-in brake of shaft type for compact equipment (AK-B Series)
- Brake force is released (AK-B Series) when applying power on brake wire
- Cost-effective
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