Converters CN-6000 SeriesConverters CN-6000 Series
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CN-6000 Series


Converters are devices which convert voltage, current, RTD, and TC input into assigned voltage, current or alarm outputs.

Isolated Converters with Programmable 3-Color LCD Display

Isolated converters CN-6000 Series offer premium performance and various functions.

The converters have programmable 3-color, negative LCDs displays which provide high visibility.

The converters are capable of handling various input types and pulse input model is also available.

Main Features

- Multiple input types
- CN-610 : thermocouple (12 types), RTD (5 types), analog (6 types: mV, V, mA)
- CN-640 : 0 to 50.00 kHz
- Negative LCD display for high visibility: 12-segment, programmable 3-color display (red, green, yellow)
- Display input type and unit on display panel
- Various output options: alarm output (1,2, or 4), 0-20 mA transmission output (isolated, output range setting), 0-10 VDC voltage output (isolated, output range setting)
- Various functions: high/low peak monitoring, sensor disconnection alarm output (burn-out), input correction, set user input range, display scale, transmission output scale, set analog output range, etc.
- Built-in power supply for sensors (24 VDC)
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