Indicators KN-2000W SeriesIndicators KN-2000W Series
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KN-2000W Series


Indicators display various input signals including voltage, current, RTD, and TC signals and transmit relay or 4-20mA signals to aid in system control.

High Accuracy, Multi-Input, and Multi-Color Indicators

Multi-input indicators KN-2000 Series offer high accuracy of ±0.2%.

The indicators feature clear, programmable 3-color LED display and various functions including, auto color change function, high/low peak monitoring, sensor disconnection alarm, input correction, and much more.

Main features

- High accuracy with 16-bit ADC (±0.2% F.S.)
- Display range: -19999 to 19999
- Multiple input types : thermocouple (12 types), RTD (5 types), analog (6 types: mV, V, mA)
- Auto color change function (error/alarm)
- Various output options : alarm output (2 or 4), 4-20 mA transmission output (isolated), RS485 communication output
- Full output option model available (alarm output (4) + RS485 communication output + transmission output)
- Various functions : high/low peak monitoring, sensor disconnection alarm output (burn-out), input correction, digital input (DI), set user input range, display scale, transmission output scale, etc.
- Built-in power supply for sensors (24 VDC)
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