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KRN50 Series


Recorders are devices which display and record various measured inputs including temperature, humidity, flux, and pressure.

50mm Compact Hybrid Recorder & Data Logger in One

KRN50 Series are compact hybrid recorders with thermal transfer printing and data logger function for paperless printing.

The recorders can store data on internal memory and print the data when running out of paper.

The dot matrix LCD provides excellent readability and allows for convenient configuration.


- 50mm thermal transfer method of paper recorder
- Data logger function for recording without paper
- Supports RS485 communication and dedicated communication port to set or monitor parameters in real-time by PC/PLC
- Multi-input with high accuracy 0.2% level (RTD, TC, Voltage, Current (shunt)))
- 2-channel simultaneous recording in graphic mode and digital mode
- High visibility and easy setting by LCD dot matrix
- Supports various option I/O function
- Small size (W96×H96×L100mm), light weight
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