Thyristor Power Controllers DPUS SeriesThyristor Power Controllers DPUS Series
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DPUS Series

Thyristor Power Controllers

Thyristor units are fast and accurate power controllers which control electric currents using semiconductor devices called thyristors.

Slim Type Digital Thyristor Power Controllers

The DPUS series slim type digital thyristor power controllers feature compact width size of 50 mm and support both phase control and variable zero-cross cycle control methods for control of various load types.

The DIP switch allows easy configuration of control methods, current/voltage, and auto/manual input control.

The LED operation indicator allows users to easily check various alarm outputs.


- Slim size (50 mm width)
- Auto/manual input control available
- Switch between RUN(Close) and STOP(Open) using terminal inputs
- Phase control for various load control and zero-cross cycle control (variable cycles)
- Built-in fast-acting fuse for internal circuit protection (optional)
- Various alarm outputs: overcurrent alarm, heatsink overheat alarm, load disconnection alarm, thyristor error alarm
- Easy configuration using DIP switch
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