Area Sensors BWPK SeriesArea Sensors BWPK Series
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BWPK Series

Area sensors are general purpose, easy-to-use, non-safety light screen that emit multi light beams for detection of objects moving in specified areas.

Autonics area sensors have thin, small sized and compact designs and offer more reliable sensing solutions equipped with long sensing distance with more advanced and various easy-to-use functions at the most reasonable price.

Autonics picking sensors, categorized under area sensor products, are ideal for precise detection and assembly applications.

Picking Sensor

BWPK Series consist of picking sensors with space saving solution with dedicated Fresnel lens, slim design and plastic case.

In addition, inside DIP switch makes possible to select Long / Short sensing distance mode.

This type has high reliability in sensing performance due to having mutual interference prevention function with frequency conversion.
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