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Fiber optic cables


Fiber optics sensors consist of optical fiber cables and amplifiers without lenses that are absolute must in photo sensors.

Due to its fast response rate, this device is ideal for detecting tiny objects. Moreover, high flexibility of optic cables allow an easy installation fitting almost everywhere.

Autonics fiber optic sensing amplifiers and cable are compact but offer accurate part detection, quick response time and generous sensing range.

Diverse Line-Up of Fiber Optic Cables

Autonics offers a diverse line-up of fiber optic cables to suit detection requirements in a wide range of applications.

The FD/FT/FL/GD/GT series fiber optic cables are available in various head types (thread, cylindrical, flat, perpendicular, plastic, area detection), sensing methods (through-beam, diffuse reflective, convergent reflective), cable types (standard, flexible, coaxial, break-resistant, heat-resistant) and sensing directions (flat, top, side, etc.).
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