Liquid-tight Junction Box JB-WLQ135 Product FamilyLiquid-tight Junction Box JB-WLQ135 Product Family
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JB-WLQ135 Product Family

IP67 compliant protective structure. Quickly be opened and closed with just one screw. Hinged lid is safe from fall!

- Offers increased efficiency for multi purpose large junction boxes! Opening and closing is done just by one screw.
- Hinged design prevents accidental fall of the lid.
- Installation point of a Cable gland "CAPCON" is pre-marked. No marking work for hole cutting is required.
- Environment resistance : Oil-proof and weather-proof
- Versatility
- IP67 compliant protective structure
- Available from two lid colors of beige and translucent brown.
- Two different lid heights are available from LOW and HIGH.
- DIN rail mounted or not is your option.
- Pressure adustment plug-equipped type, Constantly adjust the pressure inside the box without allowing water and dust to enter the box interior.

For relaying signal wires and power cables with mounting DIN rail terminal board.
For protecting sensor amplifiers against dust and water.For PCB installation.
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