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Lion Precision

Lion Precision

Lion Precision's high performance is applied by experts with the aim to help you. Precision, speed and flexibility are the foundation of Lion Precision. Our customers expect a different level of precision than usual. For us, it was possible to detect sub-nanometer thickness resolutions up to angstroms. We can achieve this at high speed, 80 kHz +, with non-contact measurements. That is why we are often called upon to apply our technology to validate precision systems throughout the world.

For those of you who need real-time data and analysis, as well as for technology development, Lion Precision can provide unmatched capabilities and long-lasting ROI for your application. If you want to produce the best technology, then you need to utilize the best technology available, in the configuration you need.

Several types of Lion Precision Products:

1. Capacitive Sensors
High resolution and performance in various applications.

2. Eddy-Current Sensors
Real-time data in a difficult and dirty environment.

3. Label Sensors
Reliable sensors can complete the work themselves.

4. Machine Tool Inspection
Proper machine inspection can produce the best products.

We PT Surya Sarana Dinamika as a Distributor of Automation and Robotic Products is an Authorized Distributor of Lion Precision in Indonesia, We provide technology product development services, and manufacturing for your projects in various industries.

Here are some of Lion Precision's main markets:

• Packing & Label
• Semiconductor
• Test / Measurement
• Industrial / CNC
• Aerospace & Defense
• Life & Sciences

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Berita Lion Precision


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