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THK in Your Life - In Houses & Buildings

THK in Your Life - In Houses & Buildings

It is difficult for people who live in areas that experience frequent earthquakes not to feel anxious. Our earthquake-absorbing "Seismic Isolator" technology is used in many homes to help defuse this network.

Earthquake Absorbing House

In order to protect the life of objects from the threat of an earthquake, there are two main types of anti-earthquake technology: "Quake Resistance", which refers to earthquake columns, beams, and walls, which are designed to withstand structural resistance and "Seismic Isolation", which is installed in the foundation of a house to absorb ground vibrations.

If a house is directly connected to its foundation, then it is also directly susceptible to seismic vibrations. Seismic Isolation structures are like supports that provide protection for the house.

As illustrated, the THK seismic-absorbing Seismic Isolation Structure uses a criss-crossed LM Guide to reduce the amount of vibration transmitted from the ground to the houses above it.
LM Guide
Ball Screw

Products Used
LM Guide
Ball Screw

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Berita THK in Your Life - In Houses & Buildings


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