Exhibition & Seminar UR One Day Seminar selasa 6 februari 2018
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Exhibition & Seminar

UR One Day Seminar

UR One Day Seminar

On February 6, 2018, PT Surya Sarana Dinamika supported the One Day Seminar product. The product that is carried in One Day Seminar this time is Collaborative Robots product from Universal Robots (UR).

UR is a robot arm that is able to automate the production process. UR can be implemented in various industries, such as pick and place, injection molding, packaging and palletizing, laboratory analysis and testing, etc. The advantages of UR are easy and safe to collaborate with various accessories and end-effector, flexible deployment, fast setup, and easy to program.

The keynote speaker at the One Day Demon UR event is Mr. Ix Lee, Regional Sales Development Manager of Universal Robots Pte Ltd, Southeast Asia, who explains the barriers to collaborative robots. This event also became special because it was attended by various companies that are enthusiastic about this Universal Robots.

For those of you who want to know more about UR products, please contact us at the address or contact listed below or visit our website at Universal Robots

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Exhibition & Seminar UR One Day Seminar


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