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On Robot - End Effector

On Robot - End Effector

The higher the level of efficiency in production work, the value of the value will increase also for the company because it reduces the cost of the company. The efficiency improvement is carried out by companies in ways such as changing the use of human power in full with the use of human labor in collaboration with Collaborative robots. Besides aiming to increase efficiency, it is also to reduce the risk of work accidents if the work is carried out by humans. Efficiency can also continue to increase if Collaborative robot technology continues to develop.

Dual Quick Changer is an End-Effector technology development that can be used with Collaborative robots and Industrial robots. Dual Quick Changer makes it possible to use End-Effector tools together in one cycle so as to increase productivity by up to 50% or more. With this innovative solution, Users can use two gripper as needed.

Dual Quick Changer comes with low height and low weight and is designed to suit all major robot brands. Therefore, in a system can use a gripper alternately with existing robots for maximum efficiency.

Here are the advantages of the Dual Quick Changer:

• Easy and fast tool changes
Enables robot users to quickly change tooling in addition to eliminating downtime between various processes.

• Payload Up to 20 Kg
Dual Quick Changer On Robot can handle workpieces that are combined with a weight of up to 20 Kg.

• High repeatability
The use of the Dual Quick Changer On Robot is ideal for CNC machines which tend to speed up cycle times.

• Safe and protected safety mechanisms
Patented, reliable and easy to use locking mechanism. Enables simple and fast locking and unlocking, letting even inexperienced users change the End-Effector robot in just a few seconds.

• ISO-9409-1 FLANGE
Can be used on robot arms, drones, or other equipment with ISO-9409-1 flanges.

We PT Surya Sarana Dinamika as a Distributor of Automation and Robotic Products is an Official Distributor of End-Effector products in Indonesia with the brand On Robot. We provide product development and manufacturing technology services for your projects in various industries.

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Berita On Robot - End Effector


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